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MoMo's is another restaurant we had the pleasure to work on for an existing client.  We developed the brand, designed the logo, and designed a 'generic' design to enable our clients to secure the best unit for their new Japanese and Korean Street Food concept.   

Once the unit had been found we took the design from a generic space which we'd made up in our heads (!) to real bricks and mortar and made it work with the realities of an existing unit.  We liaised with services designers to ensure the lighting design was co-ordinated with exposed services and took the client through the two stage landlord approvals process, as well as making sure that the design was approved by Building Control. 

A bright, orange circle representing the rising sun was the beginning of our inspiration and we warmed up the interior with the use of sustainable timber in the form of bamboo panels.  There is a choice of seating, from comfortable booths and a large family table around the perimeter of the restaurant to the fast food type seating in the central area, all customer types are catered for.

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