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A concept for a cafe serving a plant-based menu, inspired by the owner's love of animals and of protecting our planet.  

The brief was clear in that the interior should feel elegant and enticing, not just for vegans but for everyone to enjoy.  It should be comfortable yet sophisticated at the same time. The client had a strong sense of the colours she wanted to use and some ideas about shapes to carry through the design.  

The greenhouse framework sits around and over the main seating area, giving a feeling of protection while giving a nod to the plant-based produce on the menu.

Biophilic design was utilised in the design to bring the city dwelling customers back to the patterns of nature, where it is scientifically proven people can feel healthier, happier and more productive.

The shop frontage must be vibrant and enticing - the key elements which give the element of surprise must be seen from the pavement.  These elements are; variety and quanity of plant life - displayed in unique and different ways.

Framed tables to the front of the unit with swing seats facing out.

The mix of different seating available - to appeal to all levels of visit - from a quick meeting over a coffee to a full seat down meal and high seating at the bar to enjoy a Beanuts plant-based cocktail!


We also helped with graphics, menu boards and signage for their pop-up unit on Brick Lane.

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